Friday, September 23, 2011

Benches and Fences

Our Buckingham benches arrived, and Mr. SooHoo finished assembling them for us. It's exciting to see that students are using the garden as a place to hang out during recess.

The benches have also helped to enclose the garden in a rectangle, and better separate it from the play area of the Lower Yard. There is now less running through the garden and hiding behind the barrels.

Four of the rectangular planters have been planted with flowering evergreens that should grow up the fences. Not only will this make our garden prettier, but will also give our yard more privacy from busy Broadway Street, block some of the wind that was too much for our more delicate plants, and maybe even reduce the noise and pollution from the street.

The first planter on the left contains Lilac Vine, or Hardenbergia violacea. It will bloom in the winter through the spring.

The middle planter has been planted with Coral Seas Passion Flower, or Passiflora jamesonii. It will bloom in the spring through the fall. The flowers will have a coral color, similar to the flowers already growing on the Upper Yard's fence and wall.

The planter on the right contains White Anemone Clematis, or Clematis montana grandiflora. It is supposed to bloom in the spring, but we already have some pretty white flowers blooming. Bachelor's buttons seeds were also planted. The purple flowers should contrast nicely with the white above.

In the corner there are two Pink Jasmine, or Jasminum polyanthum, plants. The light pink flowers have already started blooming, and will mainly appear in late winter and early spring.

Many thanks to Morris Jackson at Sloat Garden Center for his assistance in selecting and ordering these plants for us!

This school year every classroom has been assigned a barrel or a planter. Here are two of the new barrels, ready for planting!

Soon we will add another row of barrels as well.

The JYC Garden
September, 2011

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