Monday, April 16, 2012

Thank you, Lowe's!

In October, Ms. Au-Yeung's third graders wrote letters to Lowe's Toolbox for Education to thank them for granting JYC $7000 to start our school garden.

All of the letters were heart-felt and all of the pictures were lovely. Here are a few excerpts to represent the class (and the school).

Kevin said, "Giving our school garden supplies is like Thanksgiving or Christmas in the middle of October."

Majella wrote, "I had so much fun that I wish I had a do over button."

From Isa:

Drawn by Jasmine:

Written by Benjamin:

Drawn by Benjamin:

From Julia:

Drawn by Kevin:

Written by Ivan:

Drawn by Ivan:

From Anita:

Written by Laura:

Drawn by Laura:

Written by Holly:

Drawn by Holly:

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